Truffle Hunting and Forte dei Marmi

Truffle Hunting and Forte dei Marmi

Truffle Hunting and Forte dei Marmi

Today we would like to tell you about Truffle Hunting in Tuscany!

Tuscany is famous for the White Truffle season in October-November, near San Miniato, where the hills and the woods hide the precious  “Tuscan diamond” , the white truffle! So we would like to tell you about the possibility to truffle hunting with the famous company “Savini Tartufi”, which organize a wonderful tour in the Tuscan Country!

Here you can have some information about: (info via the Savini Tartufi Official Web Site )

“In our area truffle is available all year long, for this reason it’s up to you when to do this unique experience:

The experience “Discovering Truffle”  beginns with the SAVINI MUSEUM where the main steps connected to truffle of the Savini Family’s history are gone over again: from the ’20s until today
Partecipants are let to the woods with our master truffle dog. This is the most fashinating part of the route and honestly speaking the dog is the real leading actor of the hunt.

The relationship between the truffle hunter and his loyal dog is going to leave you spellbound. The scent of the woods, the dog playing his favourite game: the research of the little smelling stones allowing him to get the delicious bone-shaped biscuit!
The tour culminates with a lunch allowing to taste many of our products and fresh truffle of the season.
Alla Scoperta del Tartufo is a way for experiencing true nature trough the hunt and taste of the precious diamond of the woods.

If you come to Tuscany for a week end, what about going truffle-hunting, and then, having a shopping tour in Forte dei Marmi on the other day? Fashion in Forte never Stops!

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